Which badge accessory is right for me?

We have an extensive choice of ID card accessories to help you protect your cards, prolong their lifespan and make it easier to display and utilise the cards.

Badge Lanyards - The most visible and easy-to-access option to display your ID badges. Available in multiple sizes and colors with optional safety breakaway features and the ability to customize with your brand or logo.

Badge Reels - The most common way to wear employee or corporate ID cards, badge reels offer multiple clothing and card attachment options and provide easy access to your ID badges with a retractable 'pull'. Offers the option to customize your badge reels to display your company brand or logo.

Badge Holders - Provide excellent protection for your ID cadges with a variety of styles to choose from, including flexible, rigid, clear, colored, and more. Combine badge holders with lanyards, reels, or clips to extend the life of your ID cards.

Badge Clips - The most economical solution for displaying ID badges, ID clips come in a variety of styles that can clip directly to your clothing or badge holder.

Badge Chains - With a choice of steel or plastic beads, badge chains are an economical way to wear ID badges.. Additionally, chains can be used to attach tags to luggage or other equipment.